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Friday, March 17, 2006

Help a father help his family become the best they can be...

Thank you for reading my story. I am the father of five children who I love dearly. I want the best for them and my wonderful wife, but due to her sudden illness our ability to save for the children's education has come to a halt. I so want to give them the opportunity to succeed, and I feel as if I may fail them. My wife has been on medical leave from her job for over 5 months now, and the special diet she needs to correct her condition has also drained off every excess dollar I make at my factory job.

I do not want to be an absent father that has to work two jobs to make ends meet. The 50 some odd hours I spend at work away from my family is hard enough on me now knowing my wife is trying her best in her weakened condition. So many children do not have the proper direction at home, I don't want that to happen here. I want to be the dependable father children should have, a father that gives his love and guidance every single day. Taking another job on the weekend would take away from my time with them and I pray it doesn't come to that. I hope that you will help me remain home and be that great father and husband. You can only imagine my gratitude for your help. When all is well here at home again I promise you I will pass on your kindness.

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